GlassFish 3.1 with Metro 2.1 is out!

GlassFish 3.1 has been just released. It contains many new features and stability improvements (more details about the release are here) as well as all the new Metro 2.1 release. You can find out more about Metro 2.1 features from my earlier Metro 2.1 preview post. Fabian Ritzmann also wrote a nice Metro 2.1 feature summary in his recent post.

7 thoughts on “GlassFish 3.1 with Metro 2.1 is out!

  1. ra2085

    Yeap. is out, and now I can’t use JAXBContext properly. After upgrading i get a superb “javax.xml.bind.JAXBException: ClassCastException: attempting to cast bundle://325.1:1/javax/xml/bind/JAXBContext.class to jar:file:/C:/Program%20files/glassfish-3.0.1/glassfish/modules/endorsed/jaxb-api-osgi.jar!/javax/xml/bind/JAXBContext.class. Please make sure that you are specifying the proper ClassLoader.” Meaning that somehow the Jaxb libraries in java 6 and the endorsed ones in glassfish are getting confused. I don’t really know any workaround this.

  2. Marek Potociar Post author

    This seems to be some OSGi related issue. Rather than just ranting, have you tried to ask for help on GF or Metro or JAXB forums? 🙂

    Also, note that Metro 2.1 requires GF 3.1 (as it dependes on some of its features as well as newer version of JAXB) or later and I wonder how did you managed to install it on GF 3.0.1 ? Probably to make it work you would need to manually upgrade the JAXB modules in your GF installation to those one shipped with 3.1, and I am still not sure if that would be enough. So, I’d recommend to switch to GF 3.1 instead.

  3. Tom Leach


    Many thanks, I had not realised it was included in the main Metro build.



  4. greg

    is there any documentation of workflow how provide WS-Secuirty using Metro/WSIT?
    How for exapmle GlassFish is doing it or others Web Applications?

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