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Hello new blog!

I am moving my old blog. It has been a while since I first started to play with this idea, but now I actually decided to take action, register my own domain and install my own blog engine. Last thing that convinced me to really do it was a chat with Martin, who has started his own internet domain and blog recently and told me how easy it was.

There are multiple reasons for me to abandon the old blog:

  1. The blog engine on the old blogging site simply failed to provide an easy to use administration UI
  2. The choice of plugins and themes was poor and it was near impossible to install any new plug-ins or setup a nice theme
  3. Overall, I didn’t feel I have the full control of the blog
  4. The connection to the old blog’s administration page tends to be reeeaaaalyyy slow, in fact I am just now trying to log in to write my last blog entry there and it’s been more than 2 minutes since I pressed the “Log in” button but the page hasn’t loaded yet
  5. And last but not least, I always wanted to have my blog hosted on my personal domain anyway 😛

What do I expect from this change? Well, definitely improvements in points 1-5 and more importantly, I hope that — with the new blog running on a very user-friendly blog engine — I start blogging more often. So, let’s see…