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Oracle Java Developer Conference 2011 in Brno, Czech Republic

Yesterday I took part at local Oracle Java Developer Conference 2011 in Brno, Czech Republic. The conference was a great success and the attendance highly surpassed our expectations, most of the attendees being professional developers. The agenda was impressive, focused on latest development in Java SE, EE and tools.

Together with my colleague Jakub Podlesak, we had a talk on REST and JAX-RS API. This was actually my first ever talk on REST and JAX-RS since I took over leading the JAX-RS 2.0 specification project (officially filed in JCP as JSR-339). At the beginning of the presentation I did a short introduction into REST and JAX-RS and then Jakub did a few practical demonstrations showing how things work in practice. In the end I gave a short overview on what are the future plans in JAX-RS. The audience was great and very interested in the topic. With Jakub we stayed for another 40 minutes to answer the constant stream of questions. I have to say that seeing such interest in our work is both refreshing and encouraging. I would like to thank everyone who attended the conference and our session for creating such a wonderful atmosphere. If you are interested, Jakub has published the slides as well as demos from our presentation.

See you next year!